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I've recently started going through my paper diaries to pick out all the weird little ESP, dreams, and strange coincidences and just plain weird experiences I've had and written down since around the mid 1970s.

If anyone in this community would care to drop in to my journal and let me know if they have had any similar experiences or have any input on how to control or develop my very mild abilities I'd appreciate it.


I've been meaning to post this story here for quite some time:

Two years ago, almost three now, I guess, I worked for a janitorial company that cleaned office buildings at night. I was assigned to a large building with several different offices in it. I cleaned the main hallways and stairwells, a publishing office, a scrapbooking office, all the bathrooms, and a large dental office. There was one other girl assigned to the other half of the building, though we rarely saw each other, as we worked different hours. Our company let us set our own hours. The building would close to it's employees at 6pm, so we were allowed to go in to clean anytime between 6pm and 6am, when the building would open again. I was eighteen, and a night owl, so my usual hours were around 10pm-2am. The building wasn't in a great part of town, though it wasn't in a bad part of town exactly either. It wasn't a place I felt safe walking around outside that late at night, but I felt fairly safe inside the building, since after 6pm no one could get in without an alarm code.

One night, after about a month and a half of working there, I began to hear strange noises while I was cleaning, even though i was wearing headphones. It was around 1am, and I assumed perhaps the other girl who worked in the building had decided to work late that day. I ignored the noises and kept working, and made a mental note to ask her to order more latex gloves.

Half an hour later, I had finished the area i was working in and went to find the girl. She didn't seem to be in any of the offices, so I checked the janitor's office. Her cleaning cart was sitting in the back of the office, just as it had been when I'd come in. I could still hear the noises in the building. I assumed she'd gone upstairs without it for some reason, shrugged it off, and unloaded my trash bags to take to the dumpster. As I was walking back from the dumpster, I noticed that mine was the only car in the parking lot. When I re-entered the building, it was silent.

With a large vacuum cleaner strapped to my back, the hose in one hand, and a long cord in the other, I climbed the stairs to the dental office and began vacuuming. I had only done half the entry way when I began to hear noise over my headphones, like a voice talking to me from across the room. I could make out the sound, but not the words themselves. I removed the earbud of my headphones from my right ear (the only one I can hear out of), and glanced towards the door, expecting to see the girl. No one was there. I put my headphones back on and continued vacuuming. A minute or two later, the voice came again, and again, I instinctively looked for the sound. There was no one. Beginning to feel frightened, I put the earbud back to my ear, turned up the music, and moved to vacuum behind the front desk, facing the door. All seemed fine for a moment, and then I felt the floor move, as if someone had ran across it towards me. I whipped around to face the person. No one was there. This happened several more times, and by the time I had finished vacuuming behind the desks, I was feeling very frightened.

I should mention that this building's outer walls were completely made up of windows. Standing near the front desk, and looking down the hall, the entire wall from floor to ceiling was one giant window. At night, with all the lights on in the building and complete darkness outside, the window became more of a giant mirror. As I made my way out from behind the front desk and towards the hall, I had a distinct feeling that I should not, under any circumstance, look at the window. "If you look at the window", a voice in my head told me, "you will see what is standing behind you right now". I kept my eyes on the floor. I am a religious person, as many people might know, and I began to pray very hard. I was crying by this time, and I stared at the floor, with tears falling down my face, while I tried to remember the words to the scripture that went something like "God hath not given thee a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind".

As I rounded the corner from the hallway, still watching the floor, the cord got stuck on the corner, like it always did. I reached back behind me and yanked it free, like I always did. Only instead of the cord coming towards me, like usual, something pulled back. I pulled it again and it came free. I was about to continue on with my work, when I heard, in my mind, someone telling me to get out of the building. I ignored it and turned towards the first operatory. I wasn't even halfway through the office, there was no way I could leave. The voice came again, louder, telling me to put my things away, and leave as quickly as possible. I hesitated a minute, and then obeyed.

I have never moved so fast as I did then. I locked up, threw my cart into the janitor's office, and was out of the building in under a minute. It felt like someone was chasing me, and I ran across the parking lot to my car, and fumbled with the keys. After what seemed like an agonizingly long time, it opened, i threw myself into the car, locked the door behind me, and sped off towards the highway. When I had made it out of the parking lot, I began to sob. I couldn't stop crying.

When I got home I went straight upstairs to my little sister's room, and crawled into her bed, still in my work clothes. She asked what happened, and I told her the story. She put her arm around me while I cried, and I fell asleep there.

I put in my two weeks' notice the next day. I still can't even think of the events of that night without getting chills.

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